Dear Members


I hope you all have managed to enjoy the festive period after a crazy finish to 2021.

With the season fast approaching, we need to share with you all how the registrations and the season will work.

All players, coaches, team officials, match officials volunteers, volunteers, spectators and those involved in New Zealand Football and federation run football and futsal competitions, matches and trainings for those aged 12 years and 3 months old and older, must hold a valid My Vaccine Pass (MVP) to participate in.

12 years and 3 months is the age dictated by the Ministry of Health. The criteria is based participants turning 12 years of age, and becoming eligible for a MVP, plus a three month grace period.

Vaccination is strongly recommended for participants from 5-11 years old, but it is not required. Participants aged 5-11 can still be involved in football and futsal at all stages of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) without needing to hold a MVP.


New Zealand Football has worked with existing registration systems providers to offer a seamless solution for participants aged 12 years 3 months and over to provide proof of their My Vaccine Pass at the point of registration.

Participants, when registering will be allowed to upload their MVP. The system will verify the pass based on their last name and DOB as well as record the MVP expiry date.

For participants who become 12 years 3 months during the season, clubs will have to sight their MVP as soon as they reach that age. This is to ensure that football and futsal competitions, matches and trainings they are part of meet the requirements of the CPF.

We will be in touch in the coming week on how and where to register, the registration process this season will be much more user friendly as we have moved to a new platform called Friendly Manager.

For further details please


As we draw closer to grading and the season start date, we will communicate with updates as we receive them from Northern Regional Football and NZF.

Kind regards

Brian Preston


Beachlands Maraetai AFC


PS – These guidelines mean the delivery of football under Red needs to be adapted. We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating all BMAFC programmes so that they can be delivered under the Covid-19 Protection Framework guidelines. Any changes made to coaching programmes will be communicated to the specific grades as and when necessary.