Auckland Rep History


12th Grade Trialists:

Conor Ferigo, Callum Hamilton, Billy Jones, Sam Jones, Amber Sherwood, Liam Brown trialled. Liam made the final trial.

Billy and Amber have made the Auckland team.

13th Grade trialists:

Aaron Parry, Nick Peploe.

Brooke Chadderton continues with the Auckland squad.

14th Grade trialists:

Conor Johnson-Barton, Reid Szopa, Caid Szopa.


12th Grade Trialists:

Luke Robinson, Nick Peploe, Billy Jones, Brooke Chadderton, Conor Tracey trialled. Brooke and Conor selected for Auckland “A” teams. Nick and Billy went thru to the final trial.

13th Grade trialists:

Conor Johnson-Barton, Fraser Diver, Reid Szopa, Georgia Ross trialled. Georgia went thru to the final trial.

16th Grade trialists:

Elliot Diver and Ben Whittingham nominated for trials. Unfortunately, AFF cancelled this team just before trialling started.


12th Grade Trialists:

Conor Johnson-Barton, William Clague, Frazer Diver all trialled and were all selected for Auckland for a series against Waikato/BOP.