2021 Registrations CLOSED!

Important: If no team is available due to the age group being full, then your fees will be refunded.

Please read the following before registering online:

All members are currently flagged in ‘MyComet’ as unconfirmed. AFF regulations state that a player must be confirmed in ‘MyComet’ before the player can take to the field. Registration is the first step. Confirmation will only be completed once the club has received payment and updated a member’s status to confirmed for 2021.

Additional Information:

  1. Find your ‘MyComent ID#’ (a seven digit number) and password (mix of numbers and letters). This was sent to you by NZ Football early in 2018. Or use your MyCOMET ID# (a seven digit number) and the password you made up
  2. Login with the above info by clicking on ‘REGISTER NOW’ at the bottom of this page
  3. If you have forgotten your password or username click on the links and follow the prompts
  4. If your email address has changed please contact NZF at https://nzfcometsupport.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  5. Once logged in, click on the Personal Info tab and ensure your information is correct (including address & phone)
  6. Click on the Register Tab found in the left panel. Ensure ‘Beachlands Maraetai’ is the Seller in the bar above the items
  7. Select the fee that applies to you or your child, i.e. Seniors 20+ or First Kicks. Any items with NZD 0.00 cannot be used as they are not currently active. Click on the ‘green shopping cart’ button
  8. Scroll down to bottom of the page. Your cart summary will appear below the items panel. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ if you are happy with the item. If you wish to remove the item you will need to scroll up to the item and click on the ‘orange minus’ symbol to remove it
  9. If you wish to proceed, your cart will appear for confirmation. (Checkout summary.)You can still change this at this stage by using the ‘back arrow’ on your browser or clicking on the ‘Register Tab’ again. Tick the ‘conditions’ checkbox
  10. Clicking ‘Submit Payment’ will take you to the payment screen. Enter your details for a payment via Debit or Credit Card. There will be a 2.5% surcharge
  11. Once you click ‘Make Payment’ on this screen, your credit card will be charged. If you see an error message, please do not hit the back arrow and try again. This might result in duplicate payments. If this happens, please wait approx. 30 minutes and login again to review your ‘MyComet Dashboard’. If there is a transaction number under ‘Payments’ (scroll down on Dashboard tab) like the one following, your payment has been successful. Transaction ID: a3f83697-7824-4fdc-9fdc-2768fd799eb0. There will also be a Note in ‘Purchased Items’ of the item selected i.e. Youth Football (13 -19)
  12. You have now paid your fees
  13. The system at this time does not send you a payment confirmation. The club will receive your payment and update your file to show as confirmed 2021 registration. This confirmation is found on the ‘Personal Info’ Tab. Look for a ‘Registrations’ Tab under the Beachlands Maraetai Logo. Your registration is not complete until your status has been flagged as confirmed in 2021
  14. Once you see this in your ‘MyComet’ file, your registration is complete
  15. Welcome to the 2021 season!

If you have any issues with payment or the registering on MyComet, please do not hesitate to contact registrations@bmafc.co.nz